Customer Service or Driver – who is responsible for updating the customer?

In today’s on-demand economy, consumer expectations are at an all-time high for faster delivery, visibility, and control on when and where they receive their goods.


As a business, how do you meet these expectations?

Poor delivery experiences influence customer reviews and loyalty, not to mention the cost of failed deliveries to your business.

How do you keep the client up to date with their delivery status?

Is it the customer service team, the delivery driver or up to the customer to track?

Radaro is working hard to solve the problems like this faced in the last mile.


We recently conducted a Linked In poll and the results were:

  • 75% – Customer Service team
  • 21% – Delivery Driver
  • 4% – On the customer

While I am not surprised by the response, Customer Service may argue, they don’t have visibility over the driver/technician once they’ve left the warehouse and Drivers might argue that they’re using a personal mobile and/or don’t have the ability to call/text clients while driving.


With Radaro software we’re digitising the last mile and making it transparent so all parties, customer service, dispatch, and the customer, are up to date and know exactly where every delivery is.


While Radaro can provide a range of personalised customer notifications, typically, a customer will receive a notification in the morning with their delivery window so they can prepare for the arrival plus, once the driver commences their job, they receive an in progress notification with an accurate eta and live tracking link.


With the use of Radaro digitising your last mile, you no longer need to ask this question.

Customer service/dispatch have a view of the driver and their days schedule with approximated delivery times,  so if they receive any customer queries, the information they need is at their fingertips and all the Drivers need to do, is start the job in their Driver app to automatically provide live ETA’s to the client. 


Through the implementation of Radaro, businesses have reported significant ROI:

  • Failed deliveries through people not being home reduced by as much as 25%.
  • Reductions in call centre costs by 25%
  • Inbound call queries “ where is my delivery” reduced by up to 75%
  • Increased customer satisfaction scores

If you’re interested in enhancing your delivery operations and improving your customer experience, contact the Radaro team or email