Maximising Customer Feedback

Client feedback is a valuable source of information helping you to make informed decisions about your business – your processes, your products and services.

It not only lets you know the areas of your business that could use improvement, but also enables you to recognise what is going well and team members who are deserving of recognition.

Is your Survey performing well?

If you’re obtaining response rates of 5-30%, you’re in the average range, with response rates over 50% being considered excellent.

1. Are your customers engaged?

Engaged and B2C customers are more likely to respond to feedback requests. B2B customers are generally repeat customers who will provide feedback less often and when they have strong feelings regarding a particular matter.

2. How are you delivering your surveys?

Email is showing a slow decline in survey response rates over recent years, do you know where your market is and what channel works for them?

How to increase your survey response rate?

Depending on what you are trying to achieve with your survey, there are a number of steps you can take to improve your response rate.

How Radaro customers achieve upwards of 30% response rates

Across the entire Radaro portfolio, the use of the 1-hour & 24-hour reminder increased feedback by 35%

a) 5-Star Feedback – after each delivery/job is completed, the customer tracking page rolls over to a customised 5-Star feedback page allowing customers to provide a quick rating and free text comment regarding their experience.

b) SMS/Email Reminders – while some customers will be ready immediately to provide feedback, let’s face it, most are enjoying their new goods so a Reminder SMS/Email an hour after job completion is the perfect prompt to gather feedback from your clients on their experience. In addition to the 1-hour reminder, Radaro also provides the option for a 24-hour reminder. We’ve found customers who utilise both reminders, achieve a 35% increase in response rates to those only using the 1-hour reminder.

c) There are several communication layers Radaro provides and these are all customised to suit your brand, your working, your language and your logo providing a consistent customer experience.

d) Real time escalations – it’s great to collect feedback, but to make it relevant you need to be able to act on the feedback you receive – Radaro customers can receive real time alerts for low feedback allowing any situation to be addressed and resolved as soon as possible.

In addition to 5-Star Feedback, for more detailed client feedback, Radaro also offers the option of a customisable web based survey. The Radaro web survey can be used to gather feedback regarding different aspects of the customer journey, from their instore or online purchase, through to the final delivery catering for for:


  • Free text answers
  • Sliding scales scores
  • Multiple or Single choice responses


Radaro web surveys can be customised to be sectioned by business units, allowing Brands to capture customer sentiment based on their interactions with specific customer-facing divisions within the Brand.

If you’re interested in enhancing your delivery operations, reducing your failed deliveries and improving the customer experience, contact the Radaro team or email
If you’re interested in enhancing your delivery operations, reducing your failed deliveries and improving the customer experience, contact the Radaro team or email .