Platform Features

Powered by cloud and smartphone technology, Radaro offers a live management portal, driver app and customer notifications to create frictionless last mile experiences on the front end and improve efficiencies and visibility on the back end.

How It All Works

Customer Service

Radaro closes the distance between you and your customer, offering them live ETA updates, and you instant feedback of product and service delivery, improving communication for better reputation control and increased brand loyalty.


Improve your daily operations and decrease your business overheads through powerful analytics captured with Radaro. Maximise driver productivity, identify unnecessary expenses, boost profits and take your service delivery to incredible new levels.


Complete control and visibility of your 3PL and owned fleet, with real-time tracking and location updates, fastest driver routes, and digitise job management and completion reporting. Less administration. Powerful automation. Total business control.

Is your company in the industrial B2B, emergency assistance or healthcare sector?
See how Radaro is changing these industries and many more for the better.

A Single Platform For Everything Last-Mile

The features you NEED

without the BLOAT

Radaro’s Modular software means lower overhead costs and enhanced operations, letting you automate processes, complete documentation faster and be confident of compliance wherever you operate and much more.

The tools you need, branded to your business.

Customisable Experiences
Our white-labelled platform is fully customisable to meet the needs and expectations of your business and customers, guaranteeing growth, and smoother and more efficient operations. Reduce the response time of negative experiences of your customers to promptly address poor service delivery, more readily engage with your consumers, and dramatically boost brand loyalty.

Scalable solutions that are light and powerful.

Enterprise Cloud Software
Our enterprise cloud software offers scalable and agile solutions to enhance performance at a lower cost, no matter the size of your business. Embrace the power of the cloud to manage your WMS and CRM needs and automate processes to reduce otherwise costly overheads. All while reducing admin, making paper trails redundant, improving the user experience and easing the workload of your staff at every level.

Built by humans, for humans.

Intuitive interface
Technology should simplify the way we work, not complicate it. Radaro's platform features, both the dashboard and app keep the user's intent at the forefront, resulting in an engaging, end-to-end user experience. Easy to use and simple to manage.

Smarter solutions that simplify your business.

API Driven
Bring your business into the 21st century and digitise your systems with our state of the art platform features, API and let our synchronised software manage your business for you. Full connectivity and unity between your CRM, WPS and drivers on the road for faster, seamless job assignment, completion and documentation.

Enhanced communications for better business.

Customer feedback loop
With Radaro's live ETA notifications to the customer, and their ability to instantly rate their experience, you're in a better position than ever to control your reputation and build your customer retention. Radaro can lead to increases of 10x in on-time customer feedback, along with 100% increases in customer satisfaction ratings. When you keep your customer in the loop, everybody wins.

Digitised 3PL and owned fleets management.

Digitised workforce
Drivers experience a new level of freedom and work ease through their BYOD and the Radaro driver app. They can accept and generate work orders on the go, see jobs by proximity and priority to help manage multiple jobs, and get the best routes determined by live Google traffic data for faster completion and optimised efficiency.

Lower call centre overheads and less pressure on staff.

Call centre easing
Radaro's visual interface lets you and your contact centre staff see where all your vehicles are in real-time, increasing your call centre efficiencies and simplifying the query process (Customer - Call centre - Warehouse - Driver - Warehouse - Call centre - Customer) to a faster two-way conversation directly between contact staff and customer.

Powerful data to help steer decision making.

Data-driven insights
Radaro generates insightful reports combining customer feedback and data on speed of delivery to help you improve the efficiency and driver routes to see where costs and overheads can be reduced, leading to increased profits and better service to your market.

Create class-leading customer Experiences

Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of every business. Let us help you improve it.

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