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In healthcare, the last mile is life-critical, involving the delivery of supplies, vaccines, and in-home treatments to patients, where timely and reliable delivery can be a matter of life and death. Power your delivery with Radaro’s purpose-built functionality, driving on-road and backend efficiencies – all whilst creating data and transparency.

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“Because of Radaro, 66% of [our] failed deliveries are now recovered on the same day.”

National Service Manager

Real-time customer feedback in Radaro have resulted in a 25% increase in same-day dispute resolution within the first month implementation.

For Managers

Complete Network Visibility

Achieve comprehensive oversight of your outbound network, encompassing both owned and contracted fleets. Radaro empowers you with live updates on job progress and driver status, ensuring unparalleled transparency.

Intraday Management

Manage your delivery teams in real-time, expediting issue resolution. For instance, if a driver encounters difficulties completing their visit, your internal teams can swiftly work towards a solution or reschedule the visit.

In-Field Escalations

Eradicate the need for drivers to rely on mental notes or physical paper by documenting in-field escalations that encompass crucial information pertaining to the delivery performed. Whether it’s identifying opportunities for customer upselling or relaying a request to contact a manager, Radaro delivers this information to you instantaneously via email or API.

Detailed Job Reports

Effortlessly retrieve detailed job reports and digital receipts directly from the management interface. Radaro digitises every aspect of the outbound execution process, serving as a reliable, single-platform solution that ensures total transparency.
Intraday Management

For Drivers

Inventory Control

Attain precise control over inventory distribution by equipping your delivery teams with in-depth product information, daily overviews, quantity management, and item-specific alerts through an intuitive driver app.

Inventory Control

Warehouse / DC Loading Processes

Empower your delivery teams with a streamlined collection workflow for warehouses, stores, or distribution centers. Radaro’s all-encompassing pickup procedure enables drivers to document visual proof at the pickup point, incorporating barcode scanning, signatures, and comments.
Warehouse / DC Loading Processes

Efficient Route Optimisation

Radaro’s cutting-edge route optimisation equips drivers with an intuitive, step-by-step job sequence complemented by an aerial overview of all essential job-related information. Drivers receive updates on delivery windows communicated to customers and real-time traffic-based arrival ETAs, effortlessly aligning their schedule for the day.

Delivery route optimization

Multi-Layered POD

Equip your delivery teams with a comprehensive proof-of-delivery capture system that includes unlimited photo uploads, customer, patient or patient carer signatures with customised confirmation messaging, and PDF document scanning capabilities.

Multi-Layered Proof-Of-Delivery