Last mile solutions for every industry

From retail to roadside services and everything in between. Radaro helps businesses optimise their outbound operations through real-time job performance management and world-leading digital customer engagement.

Streamline every process from back-end to delivery

Whether it’s getting your product delivered on time, or planning a complex day of operations, Radaro gives you total control of your network. Access to extraordinary data to help you turn insights into action.

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Big and Bulky Retail

Trusted by some of the biggest names in retail (including Miele, JB Hi-Fi, Electrolux and King Living), Radaro can help you achieve the customer satisfaction your hard work deserves. Have your customer’s singing your praises and telling their friends.

Quick Service Retail

Life moves fast, but your drivers move faster. Radaro can optimize the most efficient route to any location, and prioritise deliveries in order of importance or proximity. But don’t worry; your customers are kept in the loop with real-time notifications and live ETAs, they can relax and still be at the door the second your driver arrives.

Emergency Assistance

From emergency kitchen repairs to roadside assistance, Radaro reduces your customers anxiety and costly call centre calls. Radaro provides realtime information so your customer knows that help is on the way.


Radaro can help you optimise the distribution of your healthcare deliverables and dramatically decrease your operating costs. Track your drivers, improve travel routes for enhanced efficiency and guarantee prompt and reliable delivery.

Industrial - B2B

From manufacturers to the warehouse, through to the retailer, smooth distribution relies on efficient and synchronised management systems behind the scenes and on the streets. Radaro's product tracking software and agile dashboard will help you keep stock of every item at every link of the supply chain.

Create class-leading customer Experiences

Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of every business. Let us help you improve it.

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