FEATURE ENHANCEMENT – Enhanced User Control with Radaro Admin Manager

Radaro software is purposefully designed to provide transparency across your last mile.


One way we achieve this, is by having multiple User Roles or Access Levels:

  • Manager
  • Observer
  • Group/Contact Centre Manager
  • Sub Brand Manager
  • Manager/Driver

Having multiple User Roles allows various departments to focus on the information relevant and beneficial to them for their role.


Historically, the ability to add and remove Users from the Radaro system has required involvement from your Radaro Customer Success Manager or Support team.


This level of control was designed to ensure the security of your data. However, with enhanced security measures, the introduction of SSO, we understand more customers want to be able to self-serve and control the Users of their account themselves, particularly considering the extended hours of operations for most logistics’ teams.

Introducing Admin Manager Role

We’ve listened to customer feedback, and we are pleased to be able to launch the additional User Role of Admin Manager.

The Admin Manager is a new User Role who can:

  • Invite new Managers
  • Invite new Observers
  • Invite new Group Managers
  • Deactivate Manager
  • Deactivate Driver

If you’d like to take control of your User Management, reach out to your Radaro Customer Success Manager or email support@radaro.com to discuss the implementation of an Admin Manager and the best practice for self-managing your Radaro Users.