SPL’s Strategic Embrace of Data and Radaro’s Role in Greening Laundry Operations

SPL Services, a pioneering national provider of laundry and linen services, is leading the charge in embracing cutting-edge technology to revolutionise its operations. With the integration of Radaro's dynamic last-mile delivery software solution, SPL Services embarks on a transformative journey, fundamentally reshaping its business approach. Each week, SPL Services manages an impressive 5,100,000 pieces of linen, totalling 2,326,000 kilos across its eight Australian sites. With such immense volume, efficiency, and innovation become paramount, and Radaro emerges as the driving force behind this transformation.

The Results With Radaro

Nationwide Rollout Achieved in 3 Months

Consistent reliability of software with no downtime recorded

81% of orders achieving OTP

Fully integrated with SPL’s customer service platform

Asset traceability of 115,000 units

100% of order closure with a 7% failure rate

Company Overview

SPL is an industry leading, national provider of laundry and linen services. With a strong emphasis on staying at the forefront of technology, SPL takes pride in their ability to secure and employ the latest and most efficient machinery. In recent years, SPL have continued to enhance their cutting-edge plants and distribution centres across Australia.
Use Case

Managed Linen Services








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