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Elevate your Brand and customer experience with Radaro’s purpose-built functionality, driving on-road and backend efficiencies – all whilst creating data and transparency.

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Radaro was quick and easy to setup. The onboarding and after-sales support has exceeded expectations. Drivers quickly become comfortable using the App and it’s been well thought out. Allowed us to scale up very quickly with smooth daily operations. Nobody has much difficulty using the software and our customers love the experience.

Senior Executive – Projects

Real-time customer feedback in Radaro have resulted in a 25% increase in same-day dispute resolution within the first month implementation.

For Managers

Cost Efficient Route Optimisation

Radaro’s route optimisation engine is second to none when it comes to efficient delivery planning and sequencing. Our software takes into account a range of operational constraints, including vehicle capacity, driver availability, breaks, restrictions, and more. By factoring in these unique variables, Radaro helps you optimise your delivery routes and streamline your operations like never before.

Zone-Based Capacity Management

Efficiently streamline the management of delivery slot availability across regions with zone-based capacity handling. Offer customers the flexibility to choose their preferred delivery date and time window, while the backend dynamically adjusts the availability of delivery slots in response to customer selections and submissions.

Realtime Low Feedback Escalations

Gain real-time email and API notifications for customer negative feedback generated through a 5-Star rating system. This enables management teams to promptly and efficiently address customer disputes and complaints, ensuring timely resolution.

For Drivers

Driver Fatigue Management

Effectively manage driver fatigue by utilising interval-based break reminders, tracking break times, and automatic force-offline functionality.

Job History Review

Reviewing completed jobs has never been easier! Your drivers can effortlessly access their job history and view captured information with just a few taps directly within the driver app.

Configurable Driver Apps

Radaro driver apps offer drivers unparalleled flexibility in configuring settings to suit their individual needs. This includes the ability to update personal information, manage shift rosters, review completed checklists, and tailor navigation preferences.

Line-Level Product Summaries

Attain precise control over inventory distribution by equipping your delivery teams with in-depth product information, daily overviews, quantity management, and item-specific alerts through an intuitive driver app.